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Ulysse Nardin Blast replica Watch

Follow the "silicon" and not follow the rules Ulysse Nardin BLAST Wheel of Freedom


Ulysse Nardin has frequently released new products this year. From the FREAK ONE at the beginning of the year, which was called the culmination of the fantasy series, to the FREAK The tourbillon silicon marquetry luxury replica watches combines silicon technology with traditional craftsmanship to show a stunning artistic aesthetic style. The watch itself provides an innovative interpretation of traditional large complex functions through the design of a suspended movement. Let’s take a look at this mechanical work of art through real-life pictures.

The original Liberty Wheel watch was released in 2019. At that time, many watch friends thought it was one of the most eye-catching works in Athens. After all, its design concept exposed the important parts of the movement and placed them on the front. The time train is cleverly hidden, making the watch parts visually appear to be floating on the dial. This new Freedom Wheel first continues this design language and has been comprehensively upgraded to be more avant-garde and show extraordinary artistic beauty.

The main change of the watch is reflected in the switch to the BLAST series case. The diameter of the watch is 45 mm. The case is made of white gold. It uses the shining luxury of precious metals to interpret the complex chamfering facets that BLAST is known for. Take a closer look at the multi-folding lug treatment of the case. This design originated from fighter jets. Ulysse Nardin has also extended the exquisite decoration of the case to this, using a combination of satin grinding and polishing.

The nameplate design fixed by screws is still retained on this side of the high quality replica watches, and the independent number of the watch is engraved. The middle case of the watch is made of box-shaped sapphire crystal glass. As the most advanced innovative material in the watch field, sapphire crystal not only has excellent transparency, but its hardness is second only to diamond, so I want to use it. When it is made into a shell, the hardness is too high, and the difficulty of processing and handling naturally increases.

However, the material is difficult to process, which is not difficult for Athens, a master of materials. Compared with the original Freedom Wheel, the new sapphire shell is more exposed, and the transparency and beauty are stronger. In fact, the use of sapphire crystal as the middle case further reduces the possibility of the case being scratched. After all, regular hard objects cannot scratch it. The crown on this side of the case also seems to be suspended above the crystal case.

When the wearer holds it in his hand, he can also enjoy the watch movement from the side angle.

The dial of the watch is made of silicon. Ulysse Nardin also specially combines silicon with fine inlays to make it. This is not the first time Ulysse Nardin has used silicon material to combine this traditional craft. However, judging from the actual effect, the brand combines special craftsmanship with special craftsmanship. The technology used to make the disk surface from materials has also improved. replica Patek Philippe watches

A total of 103 blue silicon wafers are decorated on the entire dial. Ulysse Nardin uses 0.30 and 0.35 mm micron-level precision silicon wafers, which are matte and polished respectively, and then manually assembled by master craftsmen for several hours. Finally, the dial will be Under the illumination of light, it shows a subtle light and shadow changing effect of one light and one dark.

There is a spring box at the 12 o'clock position on the dial, and the top cover is also inlaid with silicon material. Through the macro lens, you can see the delicate hand-made collage effect between silicon wafers.

The flying tourbillon is set at 6 o'clock on the dial, and the power reserve display is set at 4 o'clock. It is also controlled by the dynamic reserve differential and reduction gear on the left side of the dial. In terms of display mode, the three metal bands below the winding chain will rotate to below the pointer. On the contrary, if there is only one metal band, it means insufficient power. replica Zenith watches

It is often said that the Ulysse Nardin carrousel device is very ornamental because of its special design, but not only the Ulysse Nardin carrousel is beautiful, the brand's flying tourbillon is also very ornamental because it is completely unobstructed. For example, the new tourbillon also has a suspension design, and the dynamic beauty of its operation is more unique. At the same time, in terms of performance, Ulysse Nardin uses a silicon anchor escapement. Different from traditional escapements, Ulysse Nardin relies on a circular silicon frame, combined with the spring leaf design of the silicon escapement fork, allowing the two to bend when pressed, using silicon The excellent constant elasticity of the material is directly driven, so it can ensure that the force output by the balance wheel is output at a constant speed and is not affected by the power reserve state of the watch.

Liberty Wheel's UN-176 movement has a very disruptive design. In terms of performance, it is also equipped with a full set of silicon material technology applications that Athens is proud of, which significantly reduces the friction coefficient and improves power transmission, and makes the watch anti-magnetic. The watch can also provide a 7-day power reserve after being manually wound. However, because the important parts are placed on the dial, the entire travel time transmission gear train is cleverly hidden. When flipped to the back of the watch, there is nothing left for us to appreciate. Running out. Breitling replica Watches

This new version of the Liberty Wheel offers two blue rubber strap options, a blue velvet-textured waterproof rubber strap, or a blue crocodile leather strap.

It can also be seen from this new BLAST Liberty Wheel Tourbillon Silicone Marquetry Inlaid Watch that for Athens, traditions are not meant to be followed, traditions are only meant to be broken. Ulysse Nardin can either be subversive by placing all important components of the movement on the front of the dial, showing the harmonious dance between precision machinery, or it can innovatively combine its proud silicon material with traditional art and crafts to bring personality and characteristics to the surface. The board is played to the extreme, and when these elements are blended together, they cleverly create this charming piece of mechanical art. What I personally like about this watch is that when combined with the suspended movement design, combined with the smooth mirror-like characteristics of silicon itself, the movement parts reflect on the dial, which is purely a visual enjoyment. It is relatively practical. Watches with traditional craftsmanship, such as gold carvings, enamel and other works, are more subversive, and I prefer to regard them as a modern mechanical art work. richard mille sapphire watch replica