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Aktualizace - 21.5.2018 [Changelog Editor]

Nejedná se o aktualizaci jako takovou, ale spíš o zveřejnění všech úprav na Editoru, je to pořádná porce za kterou se skrývá hodně práce. Překlad až následně 🙂 Díky za pochopení.



  • Fixed: Loading of old saves
  • Fixed: Missing humidity when random map generated(edited)


  • Fixed: Missing humidity when random map generated
  • Fixed: Freeze when starting 2nd era
  • Fixed: Town buildings generating + optimized
  • Removed: Trace dump disabled until proper switch implemented
  • Fixed: Another freeze when unable to place buildings


  • Added: Support for save/load/delete scenarios
  • Added: Support for start new game from saved map (scenario with erased artificial infrastructure)
  • Added: Support for start new game from saved scenario
  • Added: Possibility to load and save Heightmaps and masks
  • Added: Planting trees based on density
  • Added: Saving height map
  • Added: Recompute humidity (grass color)
  • Added: Place towns according to latitude/longitude
  • Added: Terrain tools window
  • Modified: Input box improvements (dark background, handling focus properly)
  • Added: Editor keeps landscape when changing map size
  • Added: 2 new heightmap filters (multiply and bias)
  • Removed: Construction mud when in editor mode
  • Added: Generating heightmap in editor mode
  • Added: CPU filters (new tab, buttons, .. disabled for now, need to switch to GPU filters instead)
  • Modified: Terrain tools window visible by default when starting editor
  • Added: Generating / Removing separately plants, heightmap, towns, industries, humidity map
  • Added: Input box able to restrict to number
  • Added: Latitude Longitude for towns generation in editor (stores to setup.xml)
  • Modified: Terrain tools window improvements
  • Added: Europe heightmap
  • Added: World largest 7000 towns


  • Fixed: Default map coordinates now fits to Europe heightmap
  • Modified: Towns in editor are sorted and placed from largest to smallest
  • Modified: Towns are smaller (still according to its real size)
  • Added: Number of towns is progressive according to map size (90/30/10).
  • Fixed: Loading of bitmap where no imageSize filled into header (some OS?)
  • Added: Map coordinates are visible in bottom right corner
  • Fixed: Terrain tools are not available out of editor
  • Modified: Some of Terrain tools window Button names
  • Added: 4 script callbacks: OnIndustryTick(), OnEpochChange(int epochIndex), OnTokenChange(string hash, int delta), OnSecond()
  • Fixed: Saving maps


  • Added: Loading heightmap is now GPU-accelerated
  • Modified: Terrain heightmap Filters tab is back again
  • Modified: Heightmap support for jpg, png, dds
  • Modified: Heightmap internally switched from 8bits to 32bits texture on GPU
  • Added: Switch on/off terrain heightmap 32bit
  • Modified: Iteration of GPU terrain routines
  • Added: Auto recompute humidity after generation step
  • Added: Asynchronous queue for filters
  • Modified: Fixed new game map generating
  • Fixed: UI Frame text alignment
  • Added: GPU heightmap filters (Multiply, Bias, Blur, Median, Voronoi, VoronoiSmooth, Perlin, Gerstner, AdjustHeights, GeoNoise, WaterErosion)
  • Modified: Voronoi and Voronoi Smooth are tileable to avoid different density on map borders
  • Added: Amount scrollbar so now it is possible to combine more filters sequentially
  • Added: Building buttons to Grow town and whole Delete town
  • Fixed: Debug script output window
  • Fixed: Town growing when missing road
  • Modified: Raise number of arguments limit (16->64) for script function UpdateTextFormat
  • Added: New song "Diesel time"
  • Added: UI gradient window overlay
  • Fixed: Building editor buttons properly limited to editor only (grow / delete town)
  • Fixed: Deleting town with larger buildings (2*1 at least)


  • Fixed: Crash when click on building
  • Fixed: Not working Content tool colors
  • Added: First version of terrain heightmap brushes (disabled for now)


  • Added: Terrain raise in editor uses brushes instead
  • Added: Editor can place all possible buildings
  • Added: When saving in editor, not-available buildings in 1st era are removed and put to special list (type+pos+version)
  • Added: Terrain changes per vertex (non-brush) are batched together
  • Added: Brush hardness, brush size
  • Added: Terrain brush visualization
  • Added: Simplified rendering of screen quad
  • Added: Brush paints to the texture first and once mouse released, texture is used as amount mask for effect
  • Added: Optimization for brushes: Only affected area updated
  • Added: Brush visualization on map no more uses line, only actual brush position
  • Added: Rightclick to cancel brush
  • Modified: Improved brushes / manual vertex edit / whole map filters
  • Modified: Brush paints also when moving mouse over GUI windows
  • Modified: Properly initialized GPU heightmap after editor start
  • Modified: Intensity of some filters
  • Modified: Filter tab UI polishing
  • Modified: Tuned Filter tab in Terrain tools
  • Modified: Mult / Div filter - now it ignores underwater terrain and scale down/up not to zero, but to sea level
  • Modified: Splash screen shows Including Editor
  • Fixed: Deadlock in async generation when staring new game
  • Fixed: Compile time switch for terrain brushes
  • Fixed: Water erosion when generating new map
  • Fixed: Filters sometimes caused wrong results
  • Fixed: Loading screen freeze until mouse moved
  • Fixed: Runtime brush update
  • Fixed: Whole map filters
  • Fixed: Brush issue (streaks across the whole map) on first use
  • Fixed: Wrong map shape when generate new map
  • Fixed: Brush in construction mode
  • Fixed: Map reset when restart editor
  • Removed: Brush no more change its color according to brush amount


  • Added: Texture initialization supports more formats
  • Added: One param for each filter (it can be used for specifying filter function)
  • Added: "Set" filter able to draw specific altitude
  • Fixed: Device lost Cleared whole map
  • Fixed: After load file into editor, editing cleared the map
  • Fixed: Wrong tooltip after each brush application
  • Fixed: Vertical scale of heightmap after load
  • Fixed: Right bottom corner of map issues after using some filters
  • Fixed: Brush wrongly applied when clicking on UI
  • Fixed: Lowering map when painting using some filters
  • Fixed: New map generating


  • Added: New brush able to copy height from where painting started
  • Modified: Hidden year in editor
  • Added: Reset year when new game
  • Added: Scrollbar in map selection in new game
  • Fixed: Corrupted file when add industry in editor and save / load
  • Fixed: erasing map in editor after load


  • Fixed: Loading of textures having non power-of-2 size
  • Fixed: Height scale when loading heightmap is 0-255 again
  • Added: Autosave in editor
  • Fixed: Buttons enlarge in non-town building window
  • Fixed: Using buldozer on buildings in editor
  • Added: Industries from other than 1st era are removed from custom map when starting new game
  • Added: Custom industries are placed in each era, if not possible (due to not-empty space), placed within 20 tiles distance, if not possible, at least randomly
  • Added: Undo (5 steps atm, using adaptive CPU mem. allocation)
  • Modified: Undo has 10 steps
  • Added: Undo UI, visualize num steps cached
  • Added: Rivers brush
  • Fixed: Crash when load heightmap, change map size, erase


  • Added: Persistent per brush setup
  • Modified: Brush strengths and default params
  • Fixed: Loading flat heightmap


  • Added: Plant brush (disabled - wip)
  • Added: Script function IndustryGetType (returns hash of given industry object)
  • Fixed: Watermark when loading map into editor


  • Added: New brushes
  • Modified: Switch versioning repository


  • Added: Internal possibility to test load (reads only some basic info about the file without applying it)
  • Fixed: Paragraph line
  • Modified: Refactored town growing (building budgets)
  • Added: Possibility to force building facing to road, including corners
  • Modified: Editor map has always high sea level
  • Modified: New game - custom maps window
  • Added: Second stage of town buildings (WIP)
  • Fixed: removing of bigger buildings
  • Modified: Town growing improvements (upgrading buildings, roads)
  • Added: Wind sound switch
  • Modified: Improved town generating
  • Modified: Recovery from some savefile coruptions


  • Fixed: number of town buildings generating
  • Removed: Asserts from release (without VC it caused crashes instead)
  • Modified: Mods moved from media to mods directory
  • Added: Possibility to use also directories inside mods as a mod
  • Fixed: Erasing of towns when generate
  • Modified: Erasing all buildings when changing map size
  • Fixed: Towns 1x1 generating when used for the second time in editor
  • Fixed: Industry generating when start new game


  • Added: Optimized processing of UI add item list
  • Added: Limit brush / filter to either under /above water
  • Added: Map seed
  • Fixed: Heightmap loading for the second+ time
  • Fixed: Scaling heightmap when loading
  • Fixed: Packages loading
  • Fixed: Corupting save files by saving
  • Added: Some test for save files error recovery
  • Fixed: Random numbers generator (master vs slave logic fixed)
  • Fixed: limit brushes to underwater / above water
  • Fixed: bug with repeating of keystrokes
  • Fixed: Baking textures


  • Fixed: New game produces only 1/4 of a map
  • Fixed: Far ambient BBoxes computing
  • Modified: Switched positions Flatten and Set brushes
  • Modified: Another iteration of steam workshop implementation
  • Fixed: Town growing in editor
  • Fixed: consistency of random numbers
  • Fixed: When maximized, do not remember window size (keep one from normal window state)
  • Fixed: Mods loading from zip, also switching every path to lower case
  • Fixed: reusing of map cache (performance ~5% improvements)


  • Fixed: unpacked mods
  • Fixed: icon
  • Modified: Improved custom map window
  • Modified: steam workshop iteration


  • Added: After terrain brushes, all affected map objects are tested and removed if not suitable terrain
  • Modified: Speedup main menu
  • Added: Map Size Filters when browsing custom maps
  • Added: Brush for planting trees
  • Added: Brush for removing trees
  • Modified: Texts


  • Fixed: Newgame window size
  • Fixed: Copying artificial plants when generat new map
  • Fixed: Town (+industry) names when start custom map
  • Fixed: Number of towns displayed in right bottom corner
  • Fixed: Randomly spread buildings
  • Fixed: removing of roads by plant brush
  • Fixed: Multiple industries generated when start custom map
  • Removed: Autosaves from new custom map menu
  • Fixed: Tree brush hides forest model


  • Added: Limit for custom map count
  • Fixed: generating on low/med/high presets
  • Modified: Hidden date in editor except month
  • Fixed: Crash when generate trees -> change map size
  • Modified: moved plants to landscape generator so it cooperate easily with brushes
  • Fixed: Industry start positions & names
  • Added: Basic FBX generator
  • Fixed: Generating editor trees followed by painting them
  • Fixed: Missing shadows
  • Modified: Town generating
  • Modified: New game window (custom map info is loaded only one on request)
  • Added: Input box now supports multiline
  • Added: Map description (wip)
  • Added: windows can have fixed width of right half (not only left one)
  • Fixed: Low/Med/High town count when generating in editor
  • Added: Remove whole town when main building removed
  • Fixed: Town/building icon altitude when modify heightmap
  • Modified: Town do not remove its building so often
  • Fixed: New era buildings positioning
  • Fixed: Missing shadows
  • Fixed: Advanced New game Params are applied also to custom maps
  • Added: Possibility to add custom map description (with images etc.)
  • Modified: Script for ruined church is now able to search for existing one instead of create new one (custom maps)


  • Added: Sorting industry icons in build tool according to their start era
  • Added: Autowrap text in input box
  • Added: clip text into input box
  • Added: Scrollbar in Custom map description (new game window)
  • Modified: Increased custom maps limit to 512
  • Fixed: Crash in editor
  • Fixed: Reassign town when town it's is removed


  • Added: Icons & Help for plant brushes, under/above water
  • Modified: Roads placed in editor belongs to towns


  • Modified: Copy build media batch file
  • Fixed: Asznchronouse Undo list issue
  • Fixed: Memory overflow (reading uniform string from file
  • Fixed: Town growing
  • Fixed: Town captions
  • Fixed: loading of longer strings
  • Modified: Minimal resolution raised from 800600 to 1024?/?*720
  • Fixed: Column width in new game - custom maps - map info
  • Added: Localized Terrain tools + Terrain brushes window captions
  • Added: Many editor related tooltips
  • Removed: Wrong tooltip with tutorial string
  • Fixed: Credits
  • Modified: Terrain tools buttons scaled up by 20px each to fit translated texts
  • Added: DbgTextClear() script function
  • Modified: Localized texts


  • Added: Humidity brushes
  • Added: (WIP) Humidity after device lost restore
  • Fixed: Humidity paint brush
  • Added: New game -> Advanced -> back returns to previous tab
  • Modified: New texts version


  • Fixed: Random spread of generated buildings
  • Fixed: Brushes remove bridges and tunnels
  • Fixed: Changing of map size in editor cause brushes to generate holes or other issues
  • Fixed: Vegetation checks suitable terrain after using brushes
  • Fixed: Using automatic humidity map generating and than humidity brushes
  • Fixed: Manual trees placing and than using tree brushes
  • Fixed: Shadow clipping to early in a distance
  • Modified: Shadow quality vs distance improved, improved shadow bias 10x
  • Added: Plant / Humidity tooltips
  • Modified: Humidity brushes and editor icon


  • Fixed: using random tree and than tree brush
  • Fixed: Save/Load heightmap scale
  • Modified: New localized text version
  • Modified: Better shadow fading in a distance
  • Added: Mod with Elishka steam engine


  • Modified: Date progress in editor turned off
  • Modified: removed not finished (locked eras) buildings from construction menu
  • Fixed: Not-growing towns
  • Fixed: Placing industry searched for closest towns also in non-existing towns
  • Fixed: in paused game, towns got number of passagners from surrounding builngs
  • Modified: latest translated texts version
  • Fixed: Humidity reset when used undo step
  • Fixed: Available industry buildings only in editor + quest buildings
  • Modified: Turned off time in editor